Tips for Better Bulk Buying

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It is no secret that it is usually cheaper to buy things in bulk, but this approach also has its downsides. For example, many people are put off by concerns about using everything up before it expires, or by the challenges of finding enough storage space for large amounts of food. However, there are a number of things you can do to help ensure that bulk buying works out well.

Focus on Non-Perishable Goods

The simplest way to avoid the issue of use by dates is to focus on non-perishable goods, or goods that will take a long time to actually go off even if the date slips by. Tins are good and oft-cited examples, tough bear in mind that these are also heavy and tend to fill up kitchen cupboards quite quickly. Teabags are another good example. They are lightweight, aren’t  very prone to spoiling, and can be bought much more cheaply in bulk. They can also be fairly easy to store, especially as large packs tend to be flexible.

Also, bear in mind that bulk buying doesn’t exclusively apply to food items but to any kind of item that tends to get used up in the home. For example, toilet tissue and kitchen rolls can both sometimes be bought cheaply in bulk. Large quantities of both these items often turn up on deal websites like Groupon.

Share and Cooperate

Another way to get around the problem of expiry dates is to cooperate with a friend when buying perishable goods. Supposing you come across something that is a lot cheaper through a “buy one get one free” offer, or simply buying a pack twice the size. However, that product will only last a week before it expires, and you will just not get through that much in a week. If you have a friend who uses the same product, you could arrange to split the purchase between you.

The arrangement is simple. One of you actually buys the product, then the other pays back a portion of the price and gets some of the product. This way, you both get a better deal and neither of you is stuck with more than you could use before it goes off.

Extra Storage Space

Sometimes it might be easier than you think to create extra storage space especially for buying food in bulk. If you intend to buy a lot of food, it may be worth simply expanding the area you search for opportunities. Some food will keep quite happily without being in your kitchen, so why not keep it elsewhere?

This might be as simple as using a wardrobe in the spare room or a corner of your attic or cellar for food storage. Alternatively, if you have a shed or a garage that is connected to mains electricity you could try putting a small freezer in there. This will allow you to buy a lot of food that is suitable for home freezing when you want to take advantage of offers or reductions.

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