Barclays : Most Complained About Bank

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If you have your credit or debit card with you, you already know the convenience of using it. Often times most of the average consumers nowadays own a card that would allow them to make purchases online and probably enjoy the rebates and rewards the card is offering. It would always depend on a particular card holder on how he or she handles the numerous available purchases that merchants provide.

Many of us would resort to having a credit or debit card instead of the usual cash on hand when we need to buy or make transactions online. Online buying has already been a trend. Online bidding sites like Ebay allow anyone to buy and sell their stuffs and when you’ve got a credit card, you could easily buy an item.Different credit cards have this certain feature that it could be universally accepted anywhere you are in the world. Making certain transaction from other countries is possible.

On a negative note, if the online business is growing, there is a tendency that online fraud would also take place. To date, there are already many victims of fraud, cardholders from the bank Barclays who owned a Barclaycard were some of the few victims of fraud. Most of the consumers could have overlooked the legality of a particular merchant. To add up to the problem, the victims of fraud would have to wait for a longer time for their money to be back.

According to a finance article published on Yahoo, the figures have shown that the customers of the bank Barclays are in their quest to wait for the charges that are found to be fraudulent to be back in their accounts. Customers would wait for a month long so that they can get their money back even if in the very beginning it is the obligation of Barclays to refund the charges promptly. A survey has already labeled Barclays as the most complained about and worst bank in terms of refunding fraud charges to their clients.

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NOKIA Faces Bigtime Tax Issue

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Nokia’s Chennai factory, one of Nokia’s biggest facilities, was raided by Indian Tax officials who are seeking to recover tax payments totalling as much as £340m. This incident happened just days after UK’s Vodafone was asked to pay back more than $2bn in back taxes.

According to Nokia, they never fail to observe proper laws and rulings in any parts of the world they operate. That is, they are in full cooperation with the Tax officials to ensure that all of their issues get sorted and all of  their enquiries will be fully taken care of.

As a result of the raid in India, the shares of Nokia fell considerably to more than 6% to 3.07 euros in Helsinki. As expected, the incident greatly affected the performance of Nokia in the market.

Nokia’s Chennai factory in India plays a very important role in making Nokia the world’s number one in phone manufacturing. India is known to be the fast growing phone market in the world and is considered as the key to Nokia’s success.


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